Life in Shaniko

Ghost towns are possibly some of the most interesting places to find oneself, alone with the past, pondering what was and why things slipped away and what uncertain future awaits them. Kind of reminds one of how life can be viewed. Maybe I think that because I live in Shaniko   -DH



A FREE family event hosted in Shaniko Oregon on June 20-21nd,...

Shaniko Days

Shaniko Days will be August 1-2rd this year. We hope you will...

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Shaniko Oregon Pioneer Days Wool Gathering Tygh Valley Jamboree


  • Unloading Sacks of Wool
    Unloading Sacks of Wool
  • Hotel Shaniko
    Hotel Shaniko
  • Old Hotel Shaniko
    Old Hotel Shaniko
  • View of the town
    View of the town

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Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days

Demonstrations of Pioneer Living spring to life throughout the town, complete with a scavenger hunt for the kids. Admission to the event is free!

Wool Gathering

Wool Gathering

Shaniko, Oregon was a railroad terminus established in 1900, and earned the title of the largest inland wool shipping center in the world by 1903.

Shaniko Days

Shaniko Days

“Everyone loves a parade.” That is the first activity on the first Saturday in August each year in Shaniko. That first Saturday being an easy way to remember the event.